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Transform your house with a conservatory made of stylish and functional double glazed panels.


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uPVC Double Glazed Sash Windows:
Add a Classical Feel to your Home without Breaking the Bank


Usually seen in Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian houses, the sash window adds a classical feel to even the most modern home because of its traditional look. Its traditional make, however, is not as attractive. Wooden sash windows are prone to rot and distortion, leading to draughts, leaks, and higher electricity bills.


Why get uPVC Double Glazed Sash Windows?


Replacing worn and badly fitting wooden sash windows with uPVC double glazed sash windows will significantly cut down your energy bills and time and money spent on maintenance. uPVC does not rot or distort and reduces unwanted draughts while double glazing improves the security and heat retention of your home, eliminating the shortcomings of the traditional sash window while keeping its aesthetic appeal.


Experience these benefits while making your home look like a classical masterpiece with uPVC double glazed sash windows:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Improved heat insulation
  • Improved sound insulation
  • Improved security locks
  • Draught and leak-proof frames

How to get uPVC Double Glazed Sash Windows?


The wooden sash window’s sliding frame has been its biggest attraction and source of problems. With uPVC and double glazing, you can have sash windows that look amazing yet perfectly fitted and durable. If you would like to have your windows replaced with double glazed sash windows, we can browse through our network of fully vetted sash window companies to find the best for your home.




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