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Bay & Bow


uPVC Double Glazed Bay & Bow Windows:
Make Rooms Brighter and Safer with Reinforced Panes


Despite the shortcomings of various types of windows, getting natural light in through these architectural structures is one of their most important features. Nothing increases the flow of light into your rooms like bay and bow windows, which both project beyond the walls of a building to let light in easier into your home and to give you a bigger and better view of the outdoors.


Why get uPVC Double Glazed Bay & Bow Windows?


With double glazing and uPVC, bay and bow windows don’t have to be just ornamental additions to your house but functional home improvements as well. Having double glazed bay or bow windows will cut your energy bills, and fitting them with uPVC frames will increase your home’s security and decrease your carbon footprint as it is environment friendly and yet resistant to corrosion and other weather-related damages.


Bay & bow windows can introduce you to these benefits as well:

  • Wider-looking rooms
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Low to no maintenance
  • Improved heat retention
  • Draught and leak-proof frames
  • Reduced condensation

How to get uPVC Double Glazed Bay & Bow Windows?


Bay and bow windows can make any type of home, detached or flat, instantly bright and spacey. It can also make any house look elegant and luxurious but can still keep out intruders when fitted with uPVC frames. Replacing your windows with uPVC double glazed bay or bow windows is not only worth it but also easy because we can provide you with three free quotations from only the best and fully vetted bay and bow companies in the UK.




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