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uPVC Double Glazed French Doors:
Magnifique! A French Look without Draughts, Leaks, or Maintenance


French doors have a magnificent way of transforming any room. Although traditionally used to join indoor and outdoor spaces, these classical doors not only open onto a balcony or porch anymore but are used inside homes to separate living areas as well. Historically, french doors were a burglar’s best friend because of their brittle glass panes and inadequate locks. Luckily for all homeowners, uPVC and double glazing have made this classical door secure and durable.


Why get uPVC Double Glazed French Doors?


uPVC double glazed French doors are best used in a conservatory and outdoors because of their excellent heat retention and multi-lock system. Toughened double glazed sealed panes make the French door resistant to external pressure (aka break-ins) without losing its classical feel that makes it attractive to various homeowners. Also, because uPVC doesn’t expand and contract or get damaged by weather changes, your French doors will remain perfectly fitted and almost completely maintenance-free.


If you want to bid adieu to shoddy workmanship, have double glazed French doors installed in your home and experience these benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved heat insulation
  • Improved sound insulation
  • Choices in frame colour and finish

How to get uPVC Double Glazed French Doors?


A character in itself, French doors add a continental feel to homes while significantly letting light in and keeping unwelcome people out. Of course, uPVC double glazed French doors also reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your energy bills. If you want to see the difference uPVC double glazed doors can make to your home, you can count on us to find you quality products and certified installers.




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