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uPVC Double Glazed Folding Doors:
Enjoying the Outdoors Inside without Losing Space


Nothing transforms your home and the way you live like folding doors. Closed, they add an airy feel to any room whether used indoors or outdoors. Open, they effortlessly make the garden a part of your home. Compared to patio or French doors, folding doors let you enjoy the outdoors inside without taking space. So much glass, however, can be a security concern. That is, before uPVC and double glazing dominated the home improvement industry.


Why Get uPVC Double Glazed Folding Doors?


Compared to standard folding doors, uPVC double glazed folding doors not only help retain heat but sound proofs your home as well. Because you get two panes, which are separated by a few millimeters of space filled with inert gas that acts as a thermal barrier, you stay warm and dry on the inside. You’ll keep safe as well because of the multi-point system of uPVC frames and the strength of the reinforced panes.


Here are more benefits of uPVC Double Glazed Folding Doors:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Weather-resistant uPVC frames
  • Internal beading
  • Choices in frame colour and finish

How to Get uPVC Double Glazed Folding Doors?


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