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Transform your house with a conservatory made of stylish and functional double glazed panels.


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Double Glazed uPVC Conservatory:
Get the Outside Feel Inside Without Being Exposed to the Weather


A conservatory is the first thing that comes in the minds of homeowners who are looking to add space to their home – for good reason. It can be an impressive extension of a dining room, a cosy secondary living room, or even an indoor garden. Nothing adds value and charm to a house like a conservatory.


However, nothing also adds bulk to your energy bills like a conservatory. In some areas in the UK, planning regulations require homeowners to install a separate heating system for a conservatory. This causes a sharp spike in energy usage, which leads to a significant increase in bills in winter. Also, draughts or leaks and replacing broken panels can be a problem unless you get a double glazed uPVC conservatory.


Double glazing and uPVC can transform the conservatory into a glass fortress against cold weather, burglars, and high energy bills. Double glazed panels with uPVC frames reduce the need of a heating system because of their high heat retention and, with Low-E technology, heat reflectivity. They are also weather-resistant and burglar-proof so you don’t have to worry about unwanted people or leaks getting into your home.


Here are some more benefits you will have with a double glazed uPVC conservatory:

  • Heat gain and heat loss control
  • Multi-lock system
  • Low to no maintenance
  • Choice of frame colour and finish
  • Poly-carbonate roofing options

With online marketing and continuous advancement of technology, the conservatory has turned from a luxury to an affordable home accessory. If you want to add value and beauty to your home, fill up our free, no-obligation quotation form. We promise to find you only trusted and quality installers of uPVC double glazed conservatories.

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